Encouraging Using Online Complaint System and Right Complaints

In order to encourage using online consumer complaint system via web-based and mobile applications, and submission of right complaint with complete documents and evidence, MCU has been offering 3000 kyat phone bill to whom submitted consumer complaint via online system during 1.1o. 2018 to 31.8.2019. You may submit Online Consumer Complaint  at: http://www.myanmarconsumersunion.org/en/consumer-complaint-form/ There are […]

Myanmar NCD Alliance’s Organization and Future Works Media Briefing

President of Myanmar Consumers Union, Prof. Dr. Mar Mar Kyi attended “Myanmar Non-Communicable Disease (MNCD) Alliance’s Organization and Future Works Media Briefing” at People’s Health Foundation, Yangon on October 8th, 2018. Myanmar NCD Alliance was established with the support of Global NCE Alliance and signed MOU by following 18 national and local NGOs, CSOs in […]

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