Myanmar Consumer Report

Myanmar Consumer Report – 2017

The report is mainly based on study of the output of workshops, seminar, trainings conducted by Myanmar Consumers Union (MCU) in 8 states and regions, Key Informant Interviews and complaint system including online consumer complaint system. An online consumer complaint system has been developed by MCU during one year of implementation supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Private Sector Development Activity.

The study also reported that most of the consumers are poor in awareness of consumer rights and unfamiliar with consumer complaint system. It is reported that food safety is traditional and the most concerned problem of consumers in Myanmar. Poor quality/substandard of goods and services is also one of the consumer issues, which have most impact on consumers. Transportation services, public utilities services, electricity supply, health care services, telecommunication services are also most claimed by the consumers.

The study from events, interviews, and survey shows that raising consumer education and public awareness is the most important mechanism for consumer protection in Myanmar. Moreover, accountability and transparency of consumer protection authorities, access to safe and quality goods and services are also important measures for consumer protection. The report also includes consumer protection activities, consumer problems, challenges encountered in consumer protection, and state of consumer protection in Myanmar; general consumer protection measures, consumer protection in specific consumer areas, and legitimate needs of consumers.


Currently the report is in only English. The Myanmar version will be published soon.

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